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10 Possible Reasons Why Christians Look Young for Their Age

One thing I noticed when I first became a Christian is that, in general, Christians look younger than average at almost every age.

Some may have had a little nip or tuck but surely not all. So of course I prayed about it. The scripture says:

“…who satisfies your desires with good things so that your youth is renewed like the eagle’s” Psalm 103:5

And it seems to be so.

So these are my possible ten reasons Christians tend to look jolly well for their age:

  1. Peace – Deep peace stills the brow. Less worry, fewer worry lines- stands to reason.
  2. Deliverance -From addictions. Since June 2010 the Lord has delivered me of a taste for alcohol and a full-blown addiction to nicotine. And testimony after testimony tells a similar story.
  3. Sleep – There is just something about being right with God that means you get a deep and refreshing sleep
  4. Restoration – The Lord promises restoration, this appears to apply to cells as much as anything
  5. Healing -Clearly illness takes its toll on the countenance, and Jesus came to relieve us of physical suffering
  6. Support -Belonging to a church means there is always someone to turn to for a helping hand, reducing the strain on the individual
  7. Abundance -Good food and plenty of it
  8. Victory -We have victory over Satan and it is the enemy that comes to kill steal and destroy, but we have the authority and victory to prevail under the blood of Jesus
  9. Love- Living in love ramps up the happiness factor, which in turn increase endorphins and so improves our immune system, helping to keep healthy and looking well
  10. Faith = rest, God has our back, we do everything through Him, all glory to Him

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Hey, Rioter!

Dear Rioter,

I expect that not a week after the riots are finished you were surprised that you weren’t any happier for owning your new shoes or watching your new telly.

I expect you are every bit as bored and uninspired with life as you were before the riots.

Guess what? You really aren’t any different to those celebs you follow in the rag press in a desperate attempt to find something, anything, interesting to inspire you to get out of bed every day. Know what? No matter how rich they get even rich celebs still do stupid things and still look miserable and ill.

So you wanted to show the police and “the rich people” you can do what you want? Shocking, NOT. Everyone always knew you can do what you want. You have free will. So not a biggie. Charlie Sheen can do what he wants. Drink till his liver explodes, take drugs till his nose falls off, sleep with hookers til his body rots with STDs. He’s rich. You sure showed him! LOL.

For all the stuff that was knicked, for all the cheap wine that was drunk, for all the property that was destroyed, here we are and your life is still every bit as empty as it was a week or two ago, isn’t it?

You were the victim of a BIG CON. Sadly you were played by the devil and now you nurse a riot hangover and peer into an emptiness that can’t be filled with toxic inebriation and material goods, and never has. It just wasn’t as much fun as you expected it to be was it, the rioting.

You let the enemy convince you that once you had all the trappings of richness you would be happy. What an empty promise. How sad. What a waste.

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy…John 10:10

Steal, kill and destroy. Sound familiar rioter? You were used. That doesn’t feel great does it, being used?

How would you like a life where you could have your own business, raise a happy family – full of love. Have plenty of joy. Every single day. Never be bored. Never again need to numb yourself with drink, drugs, TV, ipod touches, stealing, wrecking, gaming?


Er no….

I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” John 10:10

Jesus wants you to have it all. Why not try Him? You’ve tried everything else! Why not click the link and read a bit more of John?

If you really want to shock society, following Jesus will do it! It has for over 2,000 years. Try it, if you’re brave enough.




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Q: How Many “F”‘s in ‘Life’? A: 5

I’ve ordered my five fundamental F’s in my daily order that I attend to them, and noticed that it makes them alphabetical and easy to remember. Score!


The first thing I do every (weekday) morning is get into the Word. Sometimes this is not easy, especially in winter in the dark, and of course the enemy will try anything to stop you so that you find yourself tempted to just press that “snooze” button a few times. It takes just a little push to get past that, but the rewards are immense. I get up early so that I can concentrate and meditate before the children get up looking for breakfast, P E kit, lunch money. This two hour session sets me on my path for the day. I read the Word, pray, confess the Word and sip coffee watching Godly TV.


After a couple of hours in the Word, I am Much more able to greet my 3 boys in a positive, encouraging, patient and loving way.  They tend to wake in a good mood and we have a happy breakfast before they all get off to school. I walk my little one to school, and I thank God  for everyday I have that I can give him a loving little kiss on the forehead before he gets to the “Mom, get off,not in front of my friends” stage. Back home I get straight onto the washing, cleaning, tidying the garden… Looking after my nest.


I check my finances daily. I went through a horrible stage of thinking I was entitled to my every whim and I paid the price in a mass of consumer debt for stuff that didn’t bring me the happiness or satisfaction the advertising man had promised! What astonishes me now is that I would make the same mistake over and over and over and still not learn my lesson. It took years to fight my way back out of the pit of debt. It is a hard slog paying off debt, but it is truly amazing what you can achieve with very little cash as you do it. I might not be completely debt free now, but my head is well above water and I have learned to handle my cash responsibly. And now if I run out of cash I just make do until I get some more!

I am fanatical about business and I truly believe that a business founded soundly on Christian biblical principles can not fail to succeed. This is because any business based on helping others to solve their problems and which is grown organically (i.e. without borrowing to finance growth), has no seeds of failure in it.


Once the chores are done I head most days for the gym. If I get there early it is quieter, I am still fresh and awake and I make the most of it. If I have time I can also follow a workout with a relaxing hot tub session.

If I can I also work a walk into the day. This is a good time to meditate, pray and or pray in the spirit. Filling your lungs with oxygen inevitably increases the oxygen to your brain and aids clear thinking and de-stressing. This is a great time to literally walk with the Lord.


The rest of the day is filled with blogging, writing, speaking, working with others, growing things, people, organisations and businesses.

After school is break-time for me and the kids. A session in the family hot tub is a great time for family communication. Cooking the daily family meal together is another chance to bond. Plus I want to know my boys will all be equipped to feed themselves and their own families when the time comes.

The evening is wind-down time. Light reading. Godly TV. A family film….

Thank you prayers and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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When you feel Compelled, Who’s Doing the Compelling?

I’ve been thinking a lot about compulsive behaviour recently.

(verb) compel
to make one yield or submit



    1. (irrational impulse)  an urge to do or say something that might be better left undone or unsaid

Synonyms: irresistible impulse. Type of: irrational impulse

    1. (irrational motive)  an irrational motive for performing trivial or repetitive actions, even against your will

Synonyms: obsession. Type of: irrational motive

  1. (causing)  the act of using force to cause something to occur

It seems in thinking about compulsion that it is a 3rd party activity. Someone or some thing compels us to do or say something affecting someone else or ourselves, generally negatively.

This doesn’t make a lot of sense to our logical minds. We have laws and go to a great deal of expense in our Western society to protect our freedom of choice, freedom of action. So why do we allow ourselves to be ‘compelled’ into irrational behaviour such as compulsive eating,  drinking, smoking, drug taking? Well of course its addiction. But what does that tell us? That we can’t stop doing it so its addiction, if its addiction we can’t stop ourselves from doing it. A circular argument that helps no-one.

It seems obvious that the western world has spent massive amounts of money trying to unravel the mystery of compulsive behaviours. The total budget of the three NIH [US National Institutes of Health] institutes that work in  addiction research in 2006 was $2.9 billion. And yet we see no solution for millions and millions caught up in addiction to tobacco, alcohol, drugs, pornography, gaming etc. We can discount the “substance” element as porn/gaming don’t require ingestion of an external substance.

But thinking in terms of compulsion rather than addiction seems to unmask a crucial element. Who is the 3rd party putting a sufferer under pressure? Isn’t this exactly how the enemy works?  Temptation and submission.

What does Satan want? To kill, steal and destroy. (John 10:10) He does it through temptation, do compulsive behaviours not kill,steal and destroy lives? The enemy wants you in bondage to him, so that you are not free to enjoy the life Jesus came to earth and died to give you.

10 The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. John 10:10

but “people are slaves to whatever has mastered them.” (from 2 Peter 2)

What’s the answer then, how do we get finally free of the bondage?

The Word. In the gospels each time Jesus was tempted by Satan he fought back with the word.

St Peter said:

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.  Ephesisans 6:12

So how do we fight back?

Read Ephesians 6:12-18 and become equipped, especially with “the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God

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Testimony. Why its so Important.

Why do Christians go on  about testimony? Well we love people and nothing is quite as upsetting as seeing people suffer needlessly. Whether its alcoholics or addicts, smokers… those suffering from depression, financially afflicted, or suffering broken relationships, there is a Christian out there who was at one time in pretty much the same place  as you and wants you to know you don’t have to suffer for even one more minute!

So today I have started my own testimony.

Its here. I pray it helps at least one person know God is Good, he loves you. Really.

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Little Choices Can Have Big Impacts (Part 1)

Some weeks ago the exhaust (muffler) fell off my car. To be more accurate, half of it half fell off so it dragged along, sparking and making a racket. Embarrassing.

I was on my way to a meeting in our town and didn’t have time to get it fixed but luckily I was only 5 minutes from my fiance’s business, so I pulled in there to borrow his car (which I was insured to drive) for half and hour. Then I could come back, get my car and get it fixed.

“No” he said. Eh? “Why not?” I enquired.”You might bump it or something” he replied. Never mind that it was my car for 2 years and I’d never bumped it. I could tell he was just being unhelpful on purpose. A bit of him was enjoying my misfortune. This element had gradually come on him as his drinking had increased over the past few years. It wasn’t pretty. It wasn’t a part of the real man who is loving, generous and kind. I didn’t have the time nor the inclination to argue. That’s what the enemy wanted. To feed off some discord. Not happening!

“Fine” I said. By now the offending part had cooled down so I crawled under the car, yanked it off and threw it in the boot (trunk). I went, very noisily, to my meeting. I went to the garage and the nice mechanic fixed the car, at minimal cost, reusing the part in the boot. Sorted. Happy.

The next day when I called my finance he sounded, well, odd.

“What’s happened?”

“How do you know something’s happened?” he muttered

“It’s in your voice” I said, men don’t always get that their tone gives them away.

“I must have left the brake off the car last night” he answered through what sounded like gritted teeth, “Its got some damage, so has a neighbour’s fence” a pause “don’t say it…”

I didn’t, but oh I wanted to!

I mused on this, and this is the essence of the lesson I think…

Take every chance to do the right thing and avoid unnecessary messes in your life.

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Do the Right Thing (Part 2)

Read Part 1 first (Here)

Ned looked upon his wife. Nell was dishevelled, her hair a nest upon her head. Her dress stretched across her swelling middle. But what shocked Ned the most was that her eyes had no life in them. She was a mess, her life had little meaning. She looked as though all hope was gone. He supposed he looked the same to her.

It struck him as a blow to the very pit of his stomach that his family was neglected. What was happening here? Did he not give his wife money each week for food? Did he not work hard for them? He didn’t beat them. Was this not enough?

Clearly it was not. They needed his care, and attention too.

He ate in silence, his mind turning somersaults. He wanted to get up, and go back to the pub, forget all this. But that never helped for long. Instead he reached in his pocket and gave his wife the few pence he would have spent in the pub. He spent an unaccountably restless night in bed.

Next morning Nell couldn’t wait for her husband to leave for work, the few coppers jangling in her pocket made her heart sing. She had things to do. First she got the kettle on for some hot water and got her and the little ones scrubbed up as best she could. Then she tried to get a comb through their hair. Finally they got into their best clothes… cast off from other families and mended many times but relatively presentable.

The Friday market was bustling and she had a job to keep hold of her wild little charges but she did. She ignored the derisory looks of the ‘respectable’ women with their heaving baskets of goods. She couldn’t wait to get back home and get stuck in.

It was wages day, all the lads were off to the pub. Ned trooped along with them but his family was still on his mind.It was as though he’d really seen them for the first time last night, at least the first time in a long time, and it unsettled him. The men he worked with teased him about his mood and this time he had no patience with them. He made his excuses and left early.

The house was quieter as he approached it down the path in front of the seeming unending row of two room cottages. He felt the warmth and peace as he came in. Nell looked different tonight, with a little glimmer of light in her eyes. She smelled different too. The cottage was cleaner warmer and brighter. And there was the unmistakable smell of a bacon joint boiling on the hob.

He slept well that night, holding his warm wife to him. In the morning the children landed on him and for once he didn’t seem to mind. He felt a little stab of pride at his son’s strength. As he left for work Nell enquired whether he would be coming straight home. “Lets see shall we?” he said and off he went.

Over the next few months the pub became less important. The coppers saved were put to good use by Nell and the cottage was warmer, the food a little more filling, the children grew like weeds. The new baby took  it out of Nell so Ned put more time into helping out. Strangely he found he liked it. He found he started talking about growing food with the older men at work and learned a lot. Eventually Nell asked whether they ought to start going to church. Mainly for the Sunday School of course, some children were learning to read there free of charge!

Within a few years Ned’s newfound respectful attitude and  appearance earned him a reputation for reliability and a promotion to overseer. Nell’s smile was back, the whole family went to Church regularly. Ned’s daughter read to him from the gospels and he knew his children were blessed with a future.

Everyone marvelled at how ‘lucky’ the family had been. Ned of course gave all the credit to God, and His travelling preacher, for helping him do the right thing, just once, just one small decision one day after work, and giving him that tiny seed of strength that was just enough for him to heed the little voice setting him, and his whole family, on the right path.

“Never mind turning water into wine” Ned would say “He can sure turn beer into food and clothes”.

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Do the Right Thing (Part 1)

Once apon a time, well in the 1880’s actually, there was a general labourer who lived in a fairly average town somewhere in northern England. His name was Ned.

Ned had grown up in a fairly rough family, fourth of nine children living in a tiny cottage. As a boy he remembered being mostly cold, hungry, dirty and being scolded by his mother and, on the odd occasion that he didn’t manage to avoid his father, “feeling the back of his hand” searing across his head.

Ned had an ambition to have a better life than this and to give his children a better life. Nothing grand maybe but decent food, warmth, safety and security. Ned couldn’t read or write but he was strong and he could work. With the advent of the railways Ned decided to become a Navvy (navigational engineer) and be involved with building the new railway! He worked hard too. He also drank hard. He was ‘a good lad’ he liked the pub, he liked that beer stopped his aching limbs ache quite so much. He especially liked the warm softness of a lass in his arms.

Ned eventually had a wife and a child on the way. Clearly he couldn’t follow the railway with this ‘ball and chain’ so resentfully he found a labouring job and a small cottage to rent. By the time his third child was on the way, Ned saw that his children’s’ lives were now pretty much the same as his had been. He still liked the pub after work, the comradeliness  of the working lads there. It made it easier to go home to a whining wife, and generally his children were at least asleep before he got there so he didn’t have to deal with them. That was his missus’s business anyway.

He couldn’t believe how much she’d changed in only five years. She always used to be up for a laugh and a cuddle. Now all she did was moan about not having this or that. On and on she went. And more often than not when he climbed into bed she’d turn her back to him.

One evening after a long day he popped into the local tavern on his way home, as was his custom. And why not? He worked hard,he deserved a drink or two. As usual the lads were bantering by the bar. Their talk was, well pretty base, and tonight he found  it tiresome, perhaps because he was tired, worn out well before his thirtieth birthday. A travelling preacher sat at the window table, having a meal, reading what Ned thought must be a bible. Ned thought preaching must be a good job as the man was about his age but looked ten years younger. He was clean too, and looked decently fed.

The preacher noticed Ned too. He motioned him over, offering him a seat. ‘May as well take the weight off my tired legs’ Ned thought and sat down. The preacher asked Ned about himself, his story and nodded with understanding. He listened to Ned’s complaining. He even told Ned a bible story or two. He knew a lot about men like Ned, he was a travelling preacher, preaching to the Navvies. Ned like him.

The following day the preacher was in the pub again having his evening meal. Again Ned sat with him and the preacher told him all about how God could help him get his dream back on track, how his marriage could be healed, how his little ‘uns could have a better life. This seemed pie in the sky to Ned, but he liked the preacher and he did enjoy his time with him.

On the third night, the preacher’s last night in town, Ned prayed with him, quietly at a corner table that Jesus would save his soul. To be honest he didn’t hold out much hope, and he was very glad ‘the lads’ never saw!

The next night he was on his way from work to the pub when a little inkling at the back of his mind prompted him to think he might just as well go home and see how his wife was, pregnant and all, and maybe see just how his kids were.

He heard the shouting and whining as he turned into his row of cottages. His two were running riot in the kitchen, grumbling about their bellies. He was surprised how scruffy they were though, and thin. The cottage looked pretty tatty too. What did his wife do with all their money???

Nell saw her husband coming in and panicked… He never came straight home, something must have happened. Nell braced herself for bad news, or at the very least a hard time off him for the state of the place. She knew he wouldn’t understand she had no soap to clean anything or anyone never mind clothes and that. The fire was tiny but it was all that they could afford, tea was a stew with barely any meat in it, mostly just onions which were cheap at the minute and there was no bread left.

Nell backed into the shadows of the fireplace as Ned came in.

To be continued… (part 2 here)

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