Get Up Ministry

Get Up Ministry is all about helping people get on their feet. In the current economy you could choose to just sit around doing not very much, waiting for a job to turn up,or you could just get up and work for yourself doing something productive. We understand how scary that can be, and have a great set of skills* to give you a real practical helping hand with no strings attached.

Are you a Christian thinking about, or in the process of, setting up in business in North West Wales? We know how huge a task that can seem  because we’ve done it ourselves. You could benefit from FREE start up support of up to 2 days over three months from a Christian business coach and adviser through GET UP Ministry.

*This valuable FREE support from qualified local Christian business managers, accountants, marketing professionals and entrepreneurs can include:

Helping you to develop:

  • An effective website and social media networking with impact
  • Sales and marketing analysis and strategy development
  • A Marketing Plan and Business Plan to keep you on the right track
  • Efficient finance and administration systems and processes to keep you compliant with regulations
  • Helping you apply the rules of God’s economy to your business

If you think you, or someone you know, might benefit from this unique ministry please complete the following and press submit to receive more information (Places are limited):

September places are gone – still one place for 2 days FREE support in October

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