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When are we going up?

My boy, who is but six years of age, asked me the other day while we relaxed in the hot tub “When are we going up?”

He was casually sky gazing so I said “You mean on holiday, in a plane?” I responded. We have been planning a trip, and it will be his first time flying so I  assumed this was the foundation of the question.

“No,” he said “I mean go straight up, like in a helicopter”

I felt I knew what he meant since I had been listening to Perry Stone preach on the rapture, and watching the latest news on Syria. I had a feeling the answer was ‘soon’, but instead I said “why honey?”

His answer astonished me…

“Because we are stuck in the present down here, aren’t we?”

He is 6. Wow. I agreed we were.. and I thought…

And afterward, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions.” Joel 2:28


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Hey, Rioter!

Dear Rioter,

I expect that not a week after the riots are finished you were surprised that you weren’t any happier for owning your new shoes or watching your new telly.

I expect you are every bit as bored and uninspired with life as you were before the riots.

Guess what? You really aren’t any different to those celebs you follow in the rag press in a desperate attempt to find something, anything, interesting to inspire you to get out of bed every day. Know what? No matter how rich they get even rich celebs still do stupid things and still look miserable and ill.

So you wanted to show the police and “the rich people” you can do what you want? Shocking, NOT. Everyone always knew you can do what you want. You have free will. So not a biggie. Charlie Sheen can do what he wants. Drink till his liver explodes, take drugs till his nose falls off, sleep with hookers til his body rots with STDs. He’s rich. You sure showed him! LOL.

For all the stuff that was knicked, for all the cheap wine that was drunk, for all the property that was destroyed, here we are and your life is still every bit as empty as it was a week or two ago, isn’t it?

You were the victim of a BIG CON. Sadly you were played by the devil and now you nurse a riot hangover and peer into an emptiness that can’t be filled with toxic inebriation and material goods, and never has. It just wasn’t as much fun as you expected it to be was it, the rioting.

You let the enemy convince you that once you had all the trappings of richness you would be happy. What an empty promise. How sad. What a waste.

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy…John 10:10

Steal, kill and destroy. Sound familiar rioter? You were used. That doesn’t feel great does it, being used?

How would you like a life where you could have your own business, raise a happy family – full of love. Have plenty of joy. Every single day. Never be bored. Never again need to numb yourself with drink, drugs, TV, ipod touches, stealing, wrecking, gaming?


Er no….

I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” John 10:10

Jesus wants you to have it all. Why not try Him? You’ve tried everything else! Why not click the link and read a bit more of John?

If you really want to shock society, following Jesus will do it! It has for over 2,000 years. Try it, if you’re brave enough.




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To Tithe or not to Tithe?

When I first became a sweet and innocent new Christian I watched the Christian TV shows, and I learned about tithing (giving a tenth of your income to the Lord) and flush with newborn enthusiasm I started tithing faithfully.

After a good start it started to get very difficult. I was newly a single Mom, Christmas was looming and I wanted my children to have a lovely Christmas after a tumultuous year. The Lord spoke to my heart and said Who are tithes for? The fatherless. Your children are fatherless in the world so I want you to put half your tithes directly to improving their life for 3 months.

Wow. Okay Lord, I thought, and so I did and we had a lovely holiday season.

In the new year I went back to tithing and all was well again for a couple of months. Then I started jiggling my tithes around to help my cashflow. Nearly immediately I had hold ups with my income coming in. It was exactly as if the Lord was saying, if you mess with the timing of My finances, I can easily mess with yours! I immediately repented, and went back to tithing in a timely manner!

After a few months I again found myself stretching to make ends meet. By now you would have thought I would recognise the test. Would I have faith to push through a slightly trying time? At this very moment I happened across a teaching that clearly explained that tithing was an old testament concept, that it was part of the law, that we gentiles aren’t under the law but under grace and anything the Lord does for us is by grace and nothing we do, or don’t do, will affect our abundance which is a gift of God by grace. All of this teaching appeared firmly supported by scripture. Further the teaching said that, by tithing, we put ourselves under the law and therefore under the possibility of the curse. After reading this very convincing, scripture quoting, teaching I was actually feeling AFRAID to tithe. Now by this time hundreds of hours of bible study and my own experience should have shown me this was a false teaching, but I checked out the quoted scriptures and they all appeared to support the argument. The very fact that this teaching used FEAR should immediately have been a red flag. Who is fear of? the Lord? No. The enemy Yes.

What happened? Well I stopped tithing for two months, because of this false teaching, and both months I ended up having to borrow money just to get my bills paid. there were days when my family actually struggled for groceries. I was out of faith. I felt distanced from God.

I prayed about it and immediately the Lord gave me this simple scripture.. in Jesus’ own words, as clear as clear can be (my emphasis):

Woe to you Pharisees, because you give God a tenth of your mint, rue and all other kinds of garden herbs, but you neglect justice and the love of God. You should have practised the latter without leaving the former undone. Luke 11:42

So I determined to go back to tithing. I thanked God for the guidance. The very next day I had a letter telling me I was owed some considerable money, and a very useful amount monthly from that month onwards. Oh yeah!

My view now? Yes tithe. But not out of fear. Yes it’s new testament, yes it’s new covenant. Jesus says so.

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What Do We Want? Everything! When Do We Want It? Now!

Last week my little boy, who’s 5, sauntered past me as I did some correspondence, as usual draped on the sofa, balancing my laptop on a cushion.

He was carrying his big brother’s external drive, wires dragging behind him.

“Where are you off to with that Son” I enquired.

“To my room” he said somewhat matter of factly given the circumstances I thought.

“And why are you taking that?” I enquired.

“I want it” he said plainly.

“Why?” I felt this was a reasonable question seeing as a) He’s 5 b) He doesn’t have a laptop and c) It wasn’t his

“Its a DVD player, and I want it”

I will spare you the rest of the conversation. It was was difficult to explain that  it wasn’t a dvd player, although it played dvd’s and he knew it. He has a DVD player – I explained this of course but he countered this one was smaller and cooler. I finally trumped with “Its not yours, its your brother’s”. Needless to say, he wasn’t happy, but he gave up. Or so I thought.

Hours later, on our our way to do some shopping, he suddenly burst into tears…

“I want the DVD player!” accompanied by sniffles and tears.

Again I will spare you the details of all my explaining that it wasnt a DVD player, and that He Already Has a DVD player…

Eventually, frustrated trying to explain yet again, I appealed to the Lord “Give me the patience not to lose my patience please Lord!”

and this is the reponse I had from the Lord in my heart…

How do you think it is for me? This is what you all seem to do! You see something you think you want, and even thought you don’t know why the other person has it, what purpose it serves in their life, you want it too! Even though if you just opened your minds and hearts you would see you already have what you need, and in fact what you want, right now!

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The Hundredfold Return: A Testimony

Many years ago I needed to buy a house. My budget was £28,000 (yes THAT many years ago!). At the time house prices in our area were going crazy. I found a house I really liked on the market for £29,500. It was perfect. Near my office, as in close enough to walk. Good heating. Good sized rooms. Close enough to our town to walk. Near to shopping. Bus stop outside should I ever find myself carless.

I offered my £28k. No dice. I sharpened my pencil and did the sums that would absolutely stretch me to £29,000. No again BUT should I go to the full asking price I had a deal. So I did what most young adults would do in my position. Yes I phoned Mom and Dad. Yes they would lend me the £500 I was short. Yipee. I made my offer the following morning, in person. As I was leaving the agents office I noticed a man from the next office going in, said Hi.

About half past 9 my office phone rang. My colleague had offered £30k, gone over the asking price. I was beaten. I decided it wouldn’t do anyone any good to get into a bidding war so I mentally let my perfect house go.

At lunchtime my friend and I decided to take a walk to a local shop to buy a sandwich and stretch our legs. I paid for my food with a five pound  note, but the girl behind the counter gave me the change of tenner. Straight away I handed her the extra five pounds back, explaining the mistake.

“What did you do that for, they never would have known?” my friend was incredulous at my stupidity. “I’ll be repaid that £5, 100 times over” I answered cheerfully. At the time I wasn’t even a believer, but I must have heard about the 100 fold return somehow along the way. Plus, I was  raised to do the right thing whenever the opportunity arose.

We wandered back to work, within an hour the phone went, the agent again.

“Erm, this is unusual but, um… the vendors have decided to accept your offer of the asking price and turn down the higher offer.” The agent seemed bemused but continued “Apparently you were very nice when you viewed the house and spent time talking with their kids… anyway seems they just want you to have it”

My £500 problem had disappeared! Over the next year that house increased in value by £10,000, a third. A fantastic return on that £5, which was never mine anyway!

Oh the colleague? He asked me out that afternoon, he’d heard I was very nice. We got married. We had two beautiful and clever daughters.

Do the right thing every time – its so worth it!

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How Does God Answer Prayer?

I have testimony for you today. A small thing maybe, the world would certainly call coincidence, but a classic example of exactly how our Father provides for us.

We are so conditioned by the world, so dead to how the universe actually works that day in and day out we write off miracle after miracle as “coincidence”.

The bible says:

Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when yepray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them. Mark 11:24

‘That’s all very well’ I hear you say my beloved reader, ‘but I don’t have everything I desire!’

Well then I submit to you that your belief is not complete in that you don’t believe that you receive.

This morning I was making a shopping list for groceries and it became abundantly clear that there was not enough money in my kitty to get what I needed to feed my three growing boys for the next 10 days or so. As I fiddled about with the list trying to cut it down and feeling quite sad that it was woefully inadequate I could hear my boys in the kitchen…

“Mom, there’s no bread”… “Mom we need eggs”… “Mom the cereal’s gone”…

I’m a single Mom so I spiritually my Husband is Jesus and I felt let down, I do my best to be a good mother.

“Jesus” I said, out loud “You promised to provide for us, and that we would not go without any good thing and I believe you will”

My phone rang, no not Jesus, my grown up daughter. I knew this call was coming and I knew what the first thing she was going to ask me would be.

“Mom, is the world going to end today, what does the bible say?” I referred her to Matthew 24:35-36:

Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.

But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.

“Thanks Mom, you always make me feel better.” She sounded relieved, she worries about such things quite deeply. “what are you doing today?” I told her about the challenging shopping trip.

We went shopping and as we started down the aisles gripping the little list I had a text from her “I’ve put some money in your account on-line x”

Now of course I will pay her back, but it meant we could get what we needed. It didn’t even occur to me that it was Jesus answering my little prayer an hour earlier via my daughter! I laughed when I realised how quick we are to say “What a coincidence” and how slow to say “Thank you Lord, hallelujah”.

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Testimony. Why its so Important.

Why do Christians go on  about testimony? Well we love people and nothing is quite as upsetting as seeing people suffer needlessly. Whether its alcoholics or addicts, smokers… those suffering from depression, financially afflicted, or suffering broken relationships, there is a Christian out there who was at one time in pretty much the same place  as you and wants you to know you don’t have to suffer for even one more minute!

So today I have started my own testimony.

Its here. I pray it helps at least one person know God is Good, he loves you. Really.

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Obedience? Not Fun?

We all tend to think of the word “obedience” in negative terms. Obey your parents… groan, obey your teachers… moan, obey the law…yeah yeah. We think of obedience as tedious, boring, no fun.

But the fruits of obedience are wonderful! Obedience at home gives us peace and tranquillity. Jobs get done, the family prospers, everyone grows. Now I’m only talking here of Godly obedience. No-one should be obedient to un-Godly instruction and leave themselves open to abuse. I’m talking here about the “take the garbage out please”, “sure Mom” type of obedience.

Obedience to the law means no speeding tickets, no fines, no court appearances – no legal bills! …no unnecessary stress in that department.

Obedience in work or at school leads to positions of trust and responsibility, promotion, financial blessing.

Here’s what God taught me in one easy lesson of obedience…

About a year ago I was newly saved, unemployed, financially challenged and was looking for a good, local, bible based church. I found my local AoG (Assemblies of God) church on-line, and found out the service times.  The Lord said me “I want you to go to that church and give £20 to the person I tell you to bless. You’ll know who it is”. My reaction was What! No way Lord. That would be way too embarrassing, plus £20 was a lot of money to me at the time.

Luckily I’d been listening to Joyce Meyer’s teachings on obedience , so I decided to just ignore how I felt and just obey, as an act of faith.

I found the woman I was supposed to give the £20 to… I don’t think she needed it so much financially, but she did need a sign of God’s blessing. It turns out she was born in the same city as I was, over 3000 miles away, within a few months of my birthday. It turned out too we were both single mums. Now we do discipleship classes together now every week at that church.

The very next day I woke up with a gnawing thought about my water bill. Which was odd, its not the kind of thing I normally wake up thinking about! Turns out the water company has a special plan for single mothers which caps their water bill while they are on a low income. I was owed £35 immediately, and a £20 reduction every single month! That is how obedience works in God’s Kingdom. As you become more and more obedient the more He will open your eyes and ensure that you are in His favour!

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Little Choices Can Have Big Impacts (Part 1)

Some weeks ago the exhaust (muffler) fell off my car. To be more accurate, half of it half fell off so it dragged along, sparking and making a racket. Embarrassing.

I was on my way to a meeting in our town and didn’t have time to get it fixed but luckily I was only 5 minutes from my fiance’s business, so I pulled in there to borrow his car (which I was insured to drive) for half and hour. Then I could come back, get my car and get it fixed.

“No” he said. Eh? “Why not?” I enquired.”You might bump it or something” he replied. Never mind that it was my car for 2 years and I’d never bumped it. I could tell he was just being unhelpful on purpose. A bit of him was enjoying my misfortune. This element had gradually come on him as his drinking had increased over the past few years. It wasn’t pretty. It wasn’t a part of the real man who is loving, generous and kind. I didn’t have the time nor the inclination to argue. That’s what the enemy wanted. To feed off some discord. Not happening!

“Fine” I said. By now the offending part had cooled down so I crawled under the car, yanked it off and threw it in the boot (trunk). I went, very noisily, to my meeting. I went to the garage and the nice mechanic fixed the car, at minimal cost, reusing the part in the boot. Sorted. Happy.

The next day when I called my finance he sounded, well, odd.

“What’s happened?”

“How do you know something’s happened?” he muttered

“It’s in your voice” I said, men don’t always get that their tone gives them away.

“I must have left the brake off the car last night” he answered through what sounded like gritted teeth, “Its got some damage, so has a neighbour’s fence” a pause “don’t say it…”

I didn’t, but oh I wanted to!

I mused on this, and this is the essence of the lesson I think…

Take every chance to do the right thing and avoid unnecessary messes in your life.

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