About GET UP!

This blog was inspired by the story in John 5 whereby Jesus came upon a man who was paralysed. Read it! It says a lot about how so many of us are waiting and waiting for our lives to miraculously get better. In the story the paralysed man tells Jesus he can’t get healed because no-one will help him to reach the healing waters of a pool at Bethesda. The waters only heal at certain times when they are stirred up by an angel of the Lord. He complains to Jesus that someone else always gets in first and only the first is healed. Jesus asks if after 38 years of waiting he is serious about getting healed. He is.  Jesus simply tells him to GET UP. I believe the moral of the tale is that we too easily make excuses not to get on with our lives, not to get better, be healed, be prosperous or just be happy! We need to GET UP and stop making excuses and waiting for someone else to do it for us! And Jesus will help us.

If you search an on-line bible for the phrase ‘Get Up’ you will find that the Lord tells people to get up quite a lot! Sometimes that’s all we really need to do to turn our lives around.. Get Up and Get on with it!

I was saved a year ago and my life has been changed in incredible ways. I said the prayer of salvation with TV evangelist  Joyce Meyer and I now have deep peace and joy whatever my circumstances every day and I truly wish that you will too. Read my testimony its literally awesome.

This site is a growing kindergarden for ‘baby’ Christians (newly saved Christians) with lots of references and resources and signposts.

I am deeply grateful  to Dr.Chet Sapino and his teachings. Since being saved and walking with Jesus I have wondered just what my calling in Christ might be. Reading his site made me realise that I’m good at telling stories! So was Jesus, he taught almost exclusively in stories and that seems to be where my gift lies too! I hope you enjoy my tales, that they inspire you to grow, comfort you, bless you and bring you joy.

Check out these resources for new baby Christians, and add Biblegateway.com to your favourites, there is nothing more important to finding and keeping deep inner peace than studying the bible every day.

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